From nationally-recognized tax expert, bestselling author, and columnist at MarketWatch, DEDUCT EVERYTHING! is full of strategies and tips, organized by topic, designed to reduce taxes in everyday life. Rosenberg also provides references and links to websites, etc, where taxpayers can go to get the latest forms. Rosenberg will walk taxpayers through the documentations required and help make sure the deductions are audit-proof. Designed to be a comprehensive guide to legal deductions and loopholes available to individual tax filers, the tax-reducing strategies cover:
• family, home, and car
• job or businesses, including Airbnb, Uber, and more
• investments and retirement savings
• medical and dental expenses and health savings accounts
• education costs and charitable giving

The advice will be rounded out with real-life stories from Rosenberg’s clients across the country detailing exactly how to make sure the deductions are being applied correctly. A special bonus chapter will detail the tax “no-no’s” Rosenberg has seem so that readers can make sure they know what mistakes to avoid.

More than tax breaks, Deduct Everything! provides ways to EARN MONEY – and links to resources to help you generate enough income to live on, for people who don’t have specific skills or degrees.