The truth is, Eva never, ever, ever wanted to get involved with taxes. EVER!

Taxation is the most complicated area of accounting. The rules change several times a year. Sometimes, they don’t change until after the year ends and you wait on pins and needles to learn the rules for last year’s tax filings. It’s like walking on black ice. You never know where the slippery spots are. If you step on one without realizing it, it can be deadly. Besides, there is just so much to learn. All the time…

But somehow, Eva ended up in a national CPA firm’s tax department and became fascinated. Having a natural propensity for languages, once Eva realized that she could look upon taxes as a language, it all fell into place for her.

The other attraction to this field came with helping people who were in trouble. Eva’s problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills helped her see solutions other professionals missed. As a result, she became the go-to person for folks who hadn’t filed tax returns for years; people who owed taxes through no fault of their own; people whose lives had devolved into disastrous situations.

She even helped one client evolve from (practically) being a depressed,
homeless, street person to being a happily married millionaire.