Eva Rosenberg

Errata Update 3

While recording the Audio Book, Sebastian, my producer, and I found a few more typos and errors.
Some of the minor ones, like missing “a”s, “the”s and such are not reported here.
But there were a few errors that would make a difference in your reading or understanding.
Most importantly, I wanted to correct the name of the wonderful man who first hired me at MarketWatch.com –
Chris Pummer. He taught me so much!

  • Page 30 – Tip #28: “refund” should be “reward”
  • Page 31 – Tip #29: Phone number for TCE should be 888-687-2277
  • Page 166 – Tip #185: “claim or right” should be “claim of right”
  • Page 222 – Tip #253: “insider training” should be “insider trading”
  • Page 239 – In “A Few Last Words:”  “Chris Plummer” should be “Chris Pummer”
  • Page 239 – In “A Few Last Words:”  “But Wait! Plummer went on to say,” should be “But Wait! Pummer went on to say,”
  • Page 274 – in “About TaxMama:”  “the Special Enrolled Exams (SEE)” should be “the Special Enrollment Exams (SEE)”

Book Index

The book was published very quickly to meet the deadline for tax season.

The Index was added later.
You can download a copy of the Deduct Everything! Index  Here