Errata and Bonus Content

Book Index

The book was published very quickly to meet the deadline for tax season.

The Index was added later.
You can download a copy of the Deduct Everything! Index  Here

Errata Update 3

While recording the Audio Book, Sebastian, my producer, and I found a few more typos and errors.
Some of the minor ones, like missing “a”s, “the”s and such are not reported here.
But there were a few errors that would make a difference in your reading or understanding.
Most importantly, I wanted to correct the name of the wonderful man who first hired me at –
Chris Pummer. He taught me so much!

  • Page 30 – Tip #28: “refund” should be “reward”
  • Page 31 – Tip #29: Phone number for TCE should be 888-687-2277
  • Page 166 – Tip #185: “claim or right” should be “claim of right”
  • Page 222 – Tip #253: “insider training” should be “insider trading”
  • Page 239 – In “A Few Last Words:”  “Chris Plummer” should be “Chris Pummer”
  • Page 239 – In “A Few Last Words:”  “But Wait! Plummer went on to say,” should be “But Wait! Pummer went on to say,”
  • Page 274 – in “About TaxMama:”  “the Special Enrolled Exams (SEE)” should be “the Special Enrollment Exams (SEE)”

Errata Update 1

As tax regulations change, we will post updates to the book on this page. Stay tuned…
Corrections courtesy of
Ivan Meyers, VITA Tax Preparer/Compass Budget Coach

  • Page 53 – Tip #52: “generate” – should probably be past tense “generated”
  • Page 107 – Tip #115: Business mileage is 54 cents – not 56 cent – it is correct elsewhere
  • Page 113 – Tip #134: HSAs – the 5498-SA is for contributions – not distributions. Distributions are reported to the taxpayer on the Form 1099-SA
  • Page 222 – Tip # 255: Line 3 – “They” – should be “the”